Thursday, September 24, 2009

ruoT yretsyM lacigaM

Roll up, roll up, for the Magical Mystery Tour. Sue's medications were cut back significantly yesterday. Then, this morning, just like magic, she was back in her mind. Sort of like a magical mystery tour in reverse. I knew she was back last night at 2:00 a.m. when she wanted to get up for a snack. I asked her "when did Columbus sail the ocean blue?" By golly, she came right up with the textbook answer.

The medication cutbacks have already resulted in Sue experiencing mild symptoms of pain (mostly the neuropathy in her lower legs and feet) and mild nausea. We are all relieved to know her confusion of late has been medication induced, and is probably not the result of a physiological problem. Our local team of caregivers will be in earnest conversation over the next weeks, together with Sue and her doctors, about setting medication levels that deal with Sue's symptoms while not sending her off on another magical mystery tour.

Meanwhile, the love is back at our house and we are all on our own Magic Bus. But that's a trip to describe another day.


  1. I can only imagine that Sue can only muster enough energy to possibly eat, keep her food down, determine where she will rest, get to the bathroom, breathe in and out, take her medications, wish to understand her medications, see yet another doctor, accept being cared for, and accept that she can not do as much as quickly as she wishes.

    Family and close friends are doing the caring, crying, worrying, managing the health care and medications, and processing emotions.

    Sue may not have processed her emotions and experiences of her transplant and recovery. She may go back and revisit in order to process, because all she can do is get through one day, one hour, or sometimes one moment at a time.

    I remember well after my mom's transplant when she was much better and well on her way "back to normal", she out of the blue mentioned something about being sad. She knew she should be happy about being alive, but she just then realized how serious everything was and how truly life and death her situation was. I had dealt with those issues while she was going through the transplant and recovery. She could not, but still needed to on her own time.

    Just remember that Sue may also deal with this whole process her own way in whatever timing is for her.

  2. I am reading and awaiting a new blog.

  3. Wise words, Becky. It is good to have guidance from someone who has walked this road.