Monday, September 7, 2009

Numbers Number 3

Here are the numbers for today. WBC and ANC are about as close to zero as you can get and still have any white blood cells. Everybody is on mask precautions, including Dr. Woof.

Sue's been pukey sick all day. Can't hold food or pills down. Sleeping mostly. The bright spot of her day was when she solved a 20 questions game. She's on oxycodone, vicodin and a bunch of other mind-numbing drugs, so she had to work at it, but she got it and it made her fall back to sleep smiling. It also made her happy to put on the black polka-dotted nighties that Cindy and Maggie gave her for her birthday. Oh, and Cindy's phone call was a timely bright spot. You can call Sue directly in her room at (415) 514-5320.

It's an absolutely gorgeous labor day in San Francisco. Too bad this ain't no picnic.
P.S. Dear Little Spouse On The Prairie and Dear Neola: I think I discovered the answer to why you can't ride the elevator with Ms. Blood-Bot (I determined it's a she by her voice). I watched it/her enter the elevator and she stands there with her face right up against the doors. When the doors open she enters the elevator and immediately turns around to face the doors from the inside while calling out in a lady-like voice: "Stand clear. Turning around. Stand clear. Turning around." Ms. Blood-Bot literally needs the whole inside of the elevator to turn around. I imagine if you were in her way you'd get run over, or you'd learn real quick how to dance with Ms. Blood-Bot. Hey, I might try it. As they say on the country radio: "Life's A Dance You Learn As You Go."


  1. Give her much more love, dear. And think that she is happy with u. That is all we must do to her. I'm sharing the feeling with u. May Gods bless u and all of us. Just let her feel the warmth of ur hands very time her heart bearts. Give her my best regards.
    A friend from Viet Nam,
    Vuon le

  2. Talking to Sue (and you too) was a bright spot of my day as well.