Friday, September 11, 2009

Light House

Jessica came to visit today. Well, she got here late last night, actually. She had a brief and happy reunion with her mommy (and which was happy for the mommy too) and then we headed off to David's apartment to get some rest.

The fog was heavy at the entrance to the bay, and all night long the fog horn was going off. Think of a loud nasal base monotone: Bouououououou. (short pause, then:) Bououououou. I've grown accustomed to it and it's comforting. It bothered Jessica a little.

So in the morning I told her the poem the dean of my law school recited to the first year law students while we sat in an assembled and numb mass near the beginning of that multi-year ordeal. I've remembered it from that first recitation. It goes like this:

Light House

Light house, him no good.
Him flash lights,
Him sound horn,
But still the fog comes.

Dean Schraber likened the light house to the professors, and said they will do their best to flash their lights and sound their horns and lead us to knowledge of the law, but to be sure, the fog will come upon us. But he encouraged us, as well. The fog will lift, and we will clearly see what was once hidden.

The fog of desperation seems to have been lifted off of Sue. Her visit with Jessica today was a great encouragement. She's been feeling much better and sleeping better. Debbie Friesen is coming for a visit tomorrow, and Sue is looking forward to that. "Visiting" hour upon hour with a husband is o.k., but a visit from a lady friend has a certain appeal to a woman. Debbie's visit appeals to me as well, because during her visit with Sue, Dave Friesen, Matt Friesen and I will attend the Giants vs. Dodgers baseball game. Goooo Giants! (Did I just say that when I know there are some Dodger fans reading this blog? Oh well, the Dodgers beat the Giants up yesterday. I'm not a rabid fan, but hey, this is San Francisco.)

So I won't say that Sue is happy, but I can say with assurance that she is happier. Her smile is back, though not yet constant. Bououououou. Bououououou. I think I see the sun peeking through that fog.

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