Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Don't Do It - At Least Not Yet

If you've been thinking about coming up to San Francisco to visit Sue and show support, don't do it. Now is not the time. First of all, Sue's entering the neutropenic stage of the stem cell transplant. Neutropenia is a condition where you have low or no white blood cells, and thus you have no or low immunity to every bug, virus and sickness known to man. This is actually the most dangerous part of the STC procedure. The doctors and the hospital staff really do not want the neutropenic patients to have a lot of visitors.

Second of all, the Bay Bridge is going to be closed from Septmeber 3 to September 8. Traffic in and out of San Francisco is going to be snarled on all the alternative routes.

I will take it upon myself to keep you informed about Sue and to give you a daily dose of San Francisco history, society, night life etc. Let's get started. Sue is appreciating all your emails, text messages, blog comments and phone calls. If you want to call her use the room phone at 415-514-5320. She's not getting good cell phone reception in her new room.

Here's a couple of more pictures of Sue's new private room, room 1116 Long.

Sue with her ivy buddy and her laptop, checking her emails and blog comments. She sends thanks to the mystery person who wrote the nice poem. Ditto.

Here's George's office away from home. Doug Martin, computer genious, set up George's laptop and office computer so that George can work on his office computer from anywhere. Sooo cool.
That's Dave Friesen's poster on the wall which is a poster of Jesus' miracles. The white paper above it is an explanation and dedication of the poster. This is one of the many thoughtful and meaningful things that people have done for Sue. Collectively you really are a lot like San Francisco -- a city on a hill.
Matthew 5:14 "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.

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