Friday, September 4, 2009


Here's one of the robots I blogged about yesterday. It stops at every hallway crossing and looks both ways before crossing. It avoids people and obstacles and it talks to itself.

A sign on the back of the robot reads: "CAUTION: Do Not Enter The Elevator Or Ride In The Elevator With This Robot. For help with this Robot call the Blood Bank." They use this robot to transport blood to the nurses' stations. I couldn't get the Blood-Bot to stand still for pictures.


  1. So George, what happens to you when you ride in an elevator with one of those robots? Janice

  2. Good Question??? What does happen if you ride in an elevator with the robot? Or are they worried about what might happen to the robot??

  3. I asked one of the nurses why they don't want people to ride in the elevator with the blood bot. The answer is it slows down the deliveries and occasionally confuses the robot. Also, they don't want people messing with the robot or it's containers. She said they used to put wigs and clothes on the robots, but the kids wanted to play with them, so they stopped. by George!