Sunday, September 13, 2009

Haircut Day

Sue's hair was coming out in globs today. It was getting all over everything, and it was uncomfortable and itchy. So we decided to be proactive. We cut it all off.

I played barber. It kinda reminded me of the time, about 26 years ago, when Sue decided we should save money by her cutting my hair instead of having a barber do it. She bought one of those Oster hair cutting machines, which we still have. The first time she cut my hair it was a big production, getting me seated on a stool in the bathroom, covering my shoulders with a big plastic cape, and then starting the Oster with a flair. I knew I was in trouble when, about two seconds into the haircut she said "oops." She'd started at the top and cut down! Everybody knows you start at the bottom and cut up.

Unless you're using a sled and giving the client a butch. That's what she got from me today. Total payback. Feels real good to rub your hands on it. She's got a nice, round head -- no weird lumps. Now she gets to wear the blue cap Jessica knitted for this occasion. In the pictures below Dr. Woof models the knitted cap pre hair cut, and then Sue tries it on for her first walk in public with her Sinead O'Connor look. (Sinead is one of my favorite female singers, by the way.)

Sue was remarkably upbeat today about the haircut. She felt much better today than yesterday. Her numbers were so good the medical staff thought there was a mistake, and they re-ran them. Her white blood count (WBC) went from .2 two days ago to .9 yesterday to 4.6 today! Her absolute neutrophil count (ANC -- the important one) jumped from .59 yesterday to 4.03 today! The afternoon tests confirmed these fantastic results.

At .59 ANC yesterday Sue was no longer neutropenic in the dangerous sense (less than .5). Today Sue is not neutropenic in any sense (neutropenia being, by definition, an ANC of less than 1.5). So mask precautions are done. Boy is Dr. Woof glad.

Thank you all for your continuing prayers and moral support. A heavy load has been lifted from Sue's head (heh heh heh). I think I'm going to start calling her the "hairless chi-mama."


  1. Praise God her numbers are up and keep going up!! Sue's happy smile looks good with her "new" look. You did a fine job.
    I remember when we were going to save money on hair cuts and we went and bought the cutters and I lined up the boys and John and....our story was quite similar...I never cut Luke's hair again and he grew it long...after all what 15 year old is going to let his mother ruin his hair..

  2. George,
    At first glanced I thought it was Jessica in the chair. I never realised how much a like they look. With Sue's hair cut off she looks like Jessie with her hair back. Sue looks beautiful.

  3. Dear Mama,
    It's really good to see your smile back.
    Love, Jess

  4. PS. I think I was there for the hair cutting moment...Im only 23!

  5. George,
    this was good for a laugh. I'm so glad things have come to that point.

    cute 'do. Be proud. Be well.


  6. So good to see Susan's face again and smiling. The number counts are miraculous! I am smiling too! Susan you really do look good with your "new do"! Jessica, love the cap. Love and prayers, Janice