Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Numbers Number 4

White blood counts still essentially zero. It's been a lousy day of stomach sickness and misery for Sue. She was cold all day so, in addition to the True Blue friends' quilt, I added cousin Bruce's shawl. We know Sue's wrapped in your love and your prayers and we thank you for it.

Hey Little Spouse On The Prairie and Neola - Here's the Blood-Bot waiting for the elevator.

And here she is getting on the elevator.

But I didn't have the nerve to get in and take a picture of her turning around. Maybe tomorrow.
However, I did see the most unusual sight this morning. There was a man down at the beach throwing a stick for his two Labrador Retrievers to go out and fetch. A sea lion was swimming around out in the vicinity of the activity barking at the dogs, who were barking at the sea lion, and the three of them were swimming around each other in circles, and it looked more like fun for the three of them than antagonism.

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  1. Keep her warm.

    Looking forward to the pictures of the Blood-Bot in the elevator:)