Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meet Dr. Woof

This is Dr. Woof, cancer guard dog extraordinaire. He's grown very attached to Sue; He never leaves her room. He's become the multiple myeloma patient's best friend. Sitting guard in the window of Room 1116 Long, he'll chase away any bad guys like germs, infections, sicknesses etc. He's super vigilant. He never sleeps and is always pleasant when not chasing the bad guys away.

I once had to restrain Dr. Woof from chasing the blood-bot. He mistook it for one of Darth Vadar's crew.

Speaking of Darth Vadar, Lucas Productions has a rather large and grand office in the Presidio Park. But what I'm sure you Disney fanatics are going to be really excited about is the new Walt Disney family museum they are getting set to open up in Presidio Park on October 1. Now you can do Disney in Anaheim and/or in San Francisco.

Here's a trivia question: "What was the name of the robot in the t.v. series Lost In Space?" Remember, the one that always said "Danger Will Robinson!" Here's a hint: "What kind of cancer is a good kind?" Click the link at the end of this paragraph to find your answer. And guess what? Now you can get your own full size robot just like that one!


  1. I don't ever remember them addressing him by name. B-9? The best character on that show was Dr. Smith. Although, for some strange reason he reminded me of Mr. Wiebe (our middle school drama teacher). Can you see that, George?

  2. I like Dr. Woof! Thanks again for all the tidbits of information and interesting observations. I check several times a day for updates. You and Sue are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.