Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cancer Cookin'

As a counterpoint to my last "Too Many Cooks" post I have to mention this gem. Jessica found and purchased a Cancer Cookbook from the American Cancer Society. The book is creatively titled: What To Eat During Cancer Treatment. Notwithstanding the drab but informative title, it is a fantastic book. I recommend it to you if you are being treated for cancer or as a gift for someone you know who is being so treated. I only wish the food service director at the UCSF medical center, where they treat hundreds of cancer patients a year, would have used this book as a resource for providing food to the "guests" of 11 Long.

This isn't to say that the food served at the UCSF medical center wasn't good. I enjoyed it tremendously. Unfortunately, Sue, the patient, could hardly eat any of it. Nausea is practically a given with patients who've had a heavy dose of Melphalan (or other toxic chemo drugs). Diarrhea is also quite common. You would think a big hospital like UCSF medical center would have a special diet specific to the STC/BMT ward. You know, something like the Cancer Brat Diet.

Anyway, Sue's eating better now that she's home. Additionally, our team of cooks is working at getting on the same sheet of music. Or is that the same cookie sheet? Talk about mixed metaphors! We're getting together in some kind of sheet.

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