Sunday, September 6, 2009

Numbers Number 2

For the explanation of this white board, you should review my September 4 blog. Note that they rolled today's date, 9/6, to the first column where the 9/1 numbers used to be. Simply put, Sue is fully neutropenic today with an ANC of less than 0.5. This will be a week of high precautions, careful watching and mutiple daily taking of vitals.
Sue's also a little anemic and lethargic. She's sleeping a lot. They'll probably give her an infusion of blood tomorrow, according to Dr. Martin.
Dr. Wolf is off rotation and we met Dr. Martin for the first time today. He kinda reminds me of my computer Dr. -- Dr. Doug Martin. Similar build and face, just a little bit older with curly gray hair and not the same bubbly personality. Dr. Martin is pleasant enough, though, and appears thoroughly competent. He'll be on rotation for the next two weeks.
You can see from the white board that Alex was Sue's R.N. last night. That's not short for Alexandria. Jenn's back on this morning. The R.N.s work 12 hour shifts on this floor.

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