Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fort Point and Crissy Field

This morning I made a terrific discovery on my jog to the fishing pier near the Golden Gate Bridge in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. A half mile west of the fishing pier, literally underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, is a civil war era fort called Fort Point.

The fort was modeled after Fort Sumter and is the only standing Civil War era fort of this type west of the Mississippi. With granite and brick walls five to eight feet thick, it is an impressive fort. Take note of the arch of the Golden Gate Bridge over the top of the fort. The architect of the GG Bridge saved the fort from destruction with that arch.
I drove back to the fort after my morning jog because I don't like carrying the camera in my jogging shorts. Note that Jessica swapped cars with me because she wanted to take Sue's CRV to Idaho to visit Luke. Picture me driving this bright yellow V.W. bug with daisy wheels around San Francisco. Well, enough about that. I parked the car and bought a month-long muni pass.
The picture above is the beachfront park that the jogging path goes through. It used to be an airfield called Crissy Field. It was covered with asphalt and was pretty much a waste dump. Now it has restored wetlands and is a vibrant recreation area.
The Crissy Field jogging path ends at Fort Point. There is a little red sign there that every jogger puts two hands on and pushes off and turns around and runs the other way. The red sign has two hands on it and it says "Hoppers Hand's." If, like me, you wonder, "who the heck is or was Hopper?" then you should click this Hopper's Hands link. It's very interesting and appropriate to our discussion about being light and salt to the world.
The guy in the picture above holding the fishing pole caught a nice rock cod right after I took this picture. He is actually setting the hook in this picture.


  1. I would have loved to see that. You in a little yellow bug with daisy wheels. Hot stuff!

  2. Love the picture of you in Daisy! Thanks so much for the updates and insights to all that is going on. Praying..