Monday, July 27, 2009

Six-Eyed Sue

One of the many side effects of whamo therapy is that Sue's eyes are dry. Air conditioning, ceiling fans and basically any moving air bothers her eyes. So we purchased this fancy medical appliance at OSH. Three bucks. I wonder if the insurance will cover it.

On the way home from OSH Sue tried out the new goggles. I pulled into the new Foster's Freeze accross from OSH to get a couple of rootbeer floats. You'd've thought the lady at the drive-through window thought we were ax murderers. I think she's kinda cute, don't you?


  1. The goggles mom was wearing when we were putting the quilt together and measuring it, made me feel like I was part of a science team!

  2. That is a classic picture! You guys always know how to make ends meet and find new uses for such common things!!!! Thanks for the smile. You are still in my thoughts and prayers everyday!