Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Love The Flower Girl

When we went to San Francisco to see Dr. Wolf on July 14 the flower girl (left) and I stayed at the Stanyan Park Hotel. It's located on Stanyan at the east end of the Golden Gate Park in the evening shadow of Kezar Stadium and just a stone's throw from the UCSF medical center. Oh, and just a block south of Haight and three blocks west of Ashbury.

You readers too young to remember the sixties won't appreciate the cultural significance of Haight-Ashbury. We walked into the Haight district for dinner. It's a little bizarre, but much tamer now than it was in the hippy days. A lot of guys and gals our age --mostly from Cowsills-tipping places like Butterfield, Minnesota -- wanted their pictures taken at the corner of Haight and Ashbury.

San Francisco's a cool place, man. There's chicks there with flowers in their hair, man, like the flower girl. Man, I love the flower girl. I can't wait to spend a month in San Francisco with her. She's so cool, and hip. She makes me happy, man. But, was she reality, or just a dream to me?

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