Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Golden Priest

Friends of ours have a pre-teen dog named Priest. The dog is a golden retriever. Priest's owners are on a two week trip to the midwest and our dog-loving daughter volunteered to dog sit. In addition to the visiting dog, Sue's dad, Don, was staying with us for a fourth of July weekend visit.

Susan had two golden retrievers when she was growing up - Nona and Timber. It's amazing how Priest rekindled the memories and fond feelings Sue had for her dogs. As my father in law puts it, all golden retrievers are pretty much cut from the same cloth. Sue and Don may have the poor dog confused because they alternately called it Timber, Priest, Pierce or Nona all weekend long. They also lavished a fair amount of attention on the dog, so the dog didn't seem to mind the myriad name calling.

Anyway, Priest the dog, while reportedly named for a professional football player, is aptly named for its demeanor. This noble dog will sit and look you in the face with trustworthy, knowing brown eyes, and patiently listen to anything you might have to say. He always appears happy to see you, whoever you are. If ever one needed a confessor or confidant, this Priest would serve well.