Saturday, August 29, 2009

We Saw A Grate Light

We are back in San Francisco. We checked back into the Carl Hotel and then walked back to Cole Street. There's a hardware store there called "Cole Hardware" that Sue wanted to visit the last time we were here but they closed just before we could go in and look. It was there, in the window of Cole Hardware, that we saw a grate light.

Barring any problems Sue will be checking in to the hospital tomorrow morning to begin the Stem Cell Transplant procedure. Now that Sue's day of reckoning is upon her Sue's feeling a little like these cheese grater lights; her nerves are a little shredded but she can see a light at the end of the funnel.
O.K. That was reaching a little.

We went back to Bambino's Ristorante for dinner. It's right accross the street from Cole Hardware. If you look close you can see the Cole Hardware sign reflected in the Bambino's window. Breaking bread and
drinking wine over a candle lit table at Bambino's did have kind of a last supper feel to it. Actually, we had pizza and it was lovely.
After dinner we took a drive around San Francisco. Today was quite a warm day and it was a Saturday close to the start of the new school term, so there were hundreds of college "kids" headed back from the beaches and the parks. And the Saturday night crowds were making their way to the restaurants and theaters and the City was just abuzz. It can make you want to fall in love all over again to be in San Francisco.

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  1. Hi George,
    I'm sorry to read of your wife's cancer and hope that her stay at UC will have a positive outcome. We made those lights for the window display and they aren't for sale. However, if your wife would like one, I would be happy to have one or made for her with my compliments, at no charge. Connect with me via email at or at 415-753-2653 #5, if you like. And please, even though we've never met, let your wife know I'll be thinking of her.
    Warm regards,
    Rick Karp
    Cole Hardware