Monday, August 31, 2009

T Minus One

Last night at about 10:30 they administered the Melphalan to Sue. It took about 30 minutes to drip in intravenously. The whole thing was anticlimactic. The most interesting thing was that they asked Sue to chew ice or popsicles to shrink the tissues in her mouth and neck so that the side effects of sore mouth and sore throat will be minimized. She managed two cherry popsicles during the 30 minute drip. Then they made her chew ice for another half hour.

Today Sue has been sick all day. She didn't sleep much last night so now she's sleeping. Note that she's wrapped in love, i.e. the Sue-Blue quilt her friends made for her. She's missing a great view from her window. It's not too clear in this picture, but you can see the tops of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance above the top of the 400 Parnassus building. You can see it better if you click on the picture to enlarge it. Use the back arrow to navigate back here.

This is the lunch Sue probably won't eat. It's been sitting here for about an hour already. Sure, the picture's a little out of focus, but you really don't want to see it in all its detail anyway. [Recommendation: don't click on this picture.] At least she's getting her fluids, whether she wants them or not. She can't go anywhere without her rolling ivy buddy.
This is day T Minus One because tomorrow, or early on Wednesday, they will give Sue back some of her stem cells that they harvested earlier this month.

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  1. In your room upon your bed
    Pillow tucked beneath your head
    Weak and sore and ill and wan
    Fits and starts of sleep at dawn.

    High-dose therapy corrects
    But leaves behind its side effects
    Hour by hour and day by day
    Pray and rest and eat and pray

    Though it lingers a good while
    Just a temporary trial.
    Bend before this wind like grass
    Hold and wait, this, too, shall pass.

    Joie de vivre and husband’s love
    Precious daughters, God above
    Quilting, hiking, church and crafts
    Family dinners, friends and laughs

    Little children fill your room
    Upturned faces in full bloom
    Homework graded then turned in
    Wisdom, love, and discipline.

    Give yourself and change a life
    Teacher, mother, daughter, wife.
    Far too much still left undone.
    You’ll do more once vic’try’s won

    Healing is a growing thing
    Like Winter yielding to Spring.
    Hour by hour and day by day
    Pray and rest and eat and pray.

    Rosy cheeks and lustrous hair
    Ospreys wheeling in the air.
    You’ll sit by your mountain lake
    Watch your husband’s troutline shake.

    Stronger than ever before
    There for those whom you adore
    Knowing God is there above
    Trusting in His grace and love

    But first things first – next things next
    Patience through these side effects.
    Hour by hour and day by day
    Pray and rest and eat and pray.

    Know you’re loved and hold that fast
    ‘Til this present is the past.