Monday, August 31, 2009

A Jog In The Park

Most of you readers probably think I'm a pretty good guy for sacrificing and coming up to San Francisco to be with Sue while she undergoes this stem cell transplant. Yeah, I am, sort of. But really, let's be honest; The human condition is one of self-centered-ness. When you distill it down, this is all about me and my adventures centered around Sue's situation.

For example, I slept great at David's apartment last night. No trains. No busses. No people out on the streets making noise. It's just a quiet upscale S.F. neighborhood.

Then I got up this morning to take a little jog through Presidio Park. There are lots of grassy, tree-lined streets in there with names of famous generals and quaint old military houses.

There are walking paths all around -- it is a national park you know -- and at various points you have great views of the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz island, etc. Down at the bottom of the hill you come to Golden Gate National Recreation Area with a long beach and several wildlife protection areas, all laced with walking/jogging trails.

If you jog or walk west along the beach at Golden Gate National Recreation Area you come to the coup de grace, a public fishing pier in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge. At the left end of the pier is a "warming hut" which is really a National Park Service gift shop, coffee shop/lunch counter.

On the way back to the apartment, back in Presidio Park, you go through a nice refined park with gazebos, streams and waterfalls.

And just up the hill from that, overlooking it all, is the coolest Starbucks coffee shop you ever want to visit. You can see the white railings surrounding the outside seating area of the Starbucks on the bottom floor of the red brick building beneath the tree and above the walker's head.

Ahh. I love the smell of napalm, er, I mean coffee, in the morning.

So that's it. Notwithstanding that Sue is sick and in the hospital, my life right now is just an adventurous jog in the park. You needn't feel sorry for me -- unless you want to feel sorry for me being such a shallow, self-centered person.

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  1. We are coffee nuts or beans! Bad joke! We always find a Starbucks in the city we are visiting. Our favorite has been one in Seattle, but we'll have to check this one out. Frisco is one of favorite cities. Love and prayers, Janice