Monday, March 8, 2010


Damn these doctors!  You want the truth, and you ask for it, and they give you what they've got.  And you appreciate it, and then you don't.  It's not their fault.  They're doing the best they can.  But really, what do they know about when your time is going to be up?  I've met lots of people who've told me that x number of years ago they were told by a doctor that they only had a few months left to live.

I'm telling you, I know my wife, and today I do not believe she is dying.  But I've flip-flopped on this question every other day.  In any event, if she isn't dying, she's living well; and if she is dying, no one ever has or ever will die with more grace or humor or dignity.


  1. George,
    I've not posted a comment, not because I haven't read your posts, and not because I don't care. I've not posted because I have no words - just tears & memories. The tears I can't post, so I offer them as prayers. We cried in church on Sunday - your Saturday Evening Post messed me up my neat little plans for worship when I read it Sunday morning. Thanks - just what I needed! (truth be told, that's not a sarcastic comment).
    love to you and Sue and the girls

  2. Dear George~

    It's very sobering news that you share. Your mind is spinning, I'm sure. If, however, there is ANYTHING that you think would be helpful please ask. We love your family so much. ~Cyndi

  3. George,
    We continue praying for you & Sue!
    Dave & Kathryn DiPalma

  4. George,

    This morning I prayed for your wife and your family. I know I don't know you that well. From what I have seen, I can gather you are a caring and humble person. From the comments posted I gather you are a God frearing man. Assuming that you are I would like to share my deepest condolences. I dought many can understand what you are going thru and I don't pretend to. I can only imagine what I would feel in your cituation. Only thing I could say is that since we believe that, as Jesus died, we too must die,yet as he was resurected, we too will rise. The Lord never said that we would have a perfect and painless life. Yet he left us with the promise, that if we should believe, we too will live and not perish. Yet what real consolation can this be in the middle of the storm? Well, if we believe, than much. And if we don't, than it only will become our demise, and many times a hatred towards God. I hope that its the first and not the second. And as the Bible sais, that if a member of the body suffers, the whole body suffers. And as others that know you well, It pains me to know that your wife's life is in danger. Yet like you I share your faith that she is not dying. And like you, I too have heard of doctors give bleek news that are overcome by the mercy and power of our Lord and savior. So press on my brother. I too will plea to the Lord with you and your loved ones. Rest assured you are not alone.

  5. Today at work someone mentioned the old television show, "MacGyver." I'm sure you remember it was about an amazingly resourceful secret agent, whose trademark skill was to quickly escape from any situational trap by using only those materials immediately available to him. Trapped in the sealed, windowless basement of a house ready to explode in five minutes, he would engineer a way out using only the empty fuel container, half-roll of twine, three clothes pins, tennis ball and rusty V8 juice can at his feet.

    The reference caused me to think of Sue's MacGyveresque ability to gather eclectic materials and convert them into lovely, interesting and even practical objets d'art. As we put up and took down our tree this past Christmas, I noticed again how many ornaments she made for us over the years. Different types of ornaments, different themes, different source materials.

    Susie has done something very similar with her Pinedale students over the years. We know that every child is unique. But at a school like Pinedale -- with its tremendous racial and ethnic diversity -- the continuum of differences is so patently broader, richer, more exotic and challenging to everyone involved.

    Each year Sue takes an eclectic collection of these fearfully and wonderfully wrought
    children under her care for a year and helps many of them become lovelier, more interesting and more practical. No teacher can help every child as much as is desired. But many of her students already are adorning the world in ways they would not had God not put placed them within Sue's sphere of influence.

    The biggest miracle is that the artist and her living object must collaborate.

    And isn't that just how God does it with us?

    Thank God for Sue and her many abilities, her compassion and dedication to her students, and her love for her family.

    I am so proud of her for her courage and grace under fire through this ordeal. I am proud of you, George, for being the man you are -- with your love for and faithfulness to Susie.

    We love you and Sue and the girls. You all will be in our prayers tonight and again tomorrow as you have been for quite a while now.