Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When It Rains

You'd think having cancer for a year would garner one enough attention.  But some people seem to like a lot of attention.  It's not as if Sue wasn't already getting enough attention from Doctors and other medical professionals.  Still, that is her car, and that is her in the driver's seat, and that is a fire truck and a police car and Sue was interviewed by paramedics as well as the policeman.  And that is the ambulance that took Sue to the emergency room this morning, where she was attended by doctors and nurses and x-ray tecnicians and such.  And that is me dressed for the office Christmas party I didn't attend, and Valerie took the picture and also didn't go to the Christmas party.

However, the Madera Management Company office Christmas party traveled to Fresno and we had a festive exchange outside the Saint Agnes Medical Center emergency room.

Sue did her very best to take out the electric service boxes that control the lights at the First and Herndon intersection.  She got the first one good, but the second box was a little instransigent; It turned out to be on a concrete base.  Sue's car smells like gunpowder now from the driver's side air bag deployment.  The car also looks a little shorter today than it did yesterday.  And a little dehydrated.

Sue 's back home now.  I think she'll recover.  I have my doubts about the car making a full recovery.


  1. I'm glad everybody seems to be ok, even if the car has a few more wrinkles. We'll just chalk that one up to the aging process, then, shall we??

  2. Good Grief...Charlie Brown! No wonder your Christmas letter arrived in January...heck, I'm flabbergasted that you had/took/found the time to compose it at all under the circumstances!! Bless you for sharing & caring enough to keep me on your mailing list. Cousin Barbara Ann in Temecula, CA!