Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jessica and Luke Host Christmas Dinner

Luke came to Fresno for a visit.
So we put him to work right away.
Practicing working in the kitchen together with Jessica.

They did get some occasional input from Sue.
But not much.

Jessica cooked the turkey, the potatoes, the gravy,
the cranberry relish, the jello, and the vegetables.

And Luke helped.  He cleaned the turkey,
put it in the oven, took it out, carved it, and
said the blessing for the meal.

Valerie set the table and made the salad.

And we're talking first class all the way.

The elders sat and enjoyed ourselves.

Sipped a little wine and encouraged the dinner hosts.

And it all came together without a hitch.
Maybe Luke and Jessica will host Thanksgiving in
Colorado Springs next year?


  1. We had a great time. It's great being part of the family.


  2. I'm impressed! Looks like a fun time.