Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yackety Yak

Sue's been doing a lot of yacking with her friends and family these days. She's on the phone constantly when she's not talking with someone in person. Someone's always calling or stopping by. it's good for her. I think it lifts her spirits up.

The other day Maggie and Cindy happened to be up at the lake for different reasons; Cindy was delivering a water heater and Maggie and Mike were decompressing from their own medical drama. Anyway, the sun was out and "the girls" decided to take a kayak ride in their namesake kayaks, the Suzy Q, the Cindy Lou, and the Maggie Mae.

They were a colorful, quixotic crew yackety yakking in their kayaks, circling the west end of the lake to spy on the osprey nests. You could spot them five miles away and you could hear them a mile away. Fun. Uplifting.

1 comment:

  1. Just imagining the girls in their kayaks makes me giggle!