Friday, June 26, 2009

Fishing For Answers

It's interesting to see where people go when they want answers to life's questions. One of the big unanswered questions is "what does the future hold?" Fresno has at least three palm readers. Once I was tempted to call one of those telephone psychics who advertise on t.v. just to entertain myself. I've always suspected the psychic's game is to "phish" for the subjects that goose their subjects, then feed them what they want to hear.

I don't want to hear what I want to hear. I want the truth. Don't worry, I can handle the truth. There's an unbelievable amount of information available through the internet. All that "knowledge" can make you smarter and more confused at the same time. Is coffee good for you or not? For sure you can get answers, but maybe not to your personal life's questions.

Me? I fish for answers. The water and the sky and the wind and the trees and the birds and the fish and the other animals who inevitably show up for the seance have wisdom to impart. Do I get answers? Not usually. But I get peace and sometimes clarity. And when I come back from a good day of fishing, I don't really feel a need to have answers anymore. I'll settle for peace of mind and a big dose of vitamin D.

Along the lines of truth and peace of mind and getting answers to the questions of the day, Sarah Groves wrote a song called "Word."

"... while I attempt to help myself
my Bible sits upon my shelf
with every promise I could ever need ..."

"And the Word was
And the Word is
And the Word will be."


  1. "You want the truth? You cant handle the truth." Sorry couldn't help myself. I really like that Sarah Groves song. I don't think I'd actually payed attention to all of the lyrics.

  2. Ah, I think you have hit on an important truth. The answer is not in finding the answer - the answer somehow exists more as an abstract in the peace of mind that comes when we let it find us.
    Thanks for writing the blog. I am following along at a respectful distance - You and Susan are in my thoughts daily. God bless. -Lotti D