Friday, May 22, 2009

I Didn’t Know You Had So Many Friends

My wife’s cancer is hell on my diet. Every day, sometimes twice a day, people bring us food. Our refrigerator is bulging at the seams with chicken, salads, pasta dishes, casseroles and drinks.

People I know and some I’ve never seen stop by or call to chat with Sue. It really cheers her up. It really wears me out.

It also moves me to tears. I didn’t know my wife had so many friends. A nurse friend sat with Sue through her first chemo therapy treatment. Our neighbor came over and sat with Sue today and then cleaned up our kitchen while Sue napped. She says she’d do anything for Sue and I believe her. She’s already done a lot. Another nurse friend came over at 11 p.m. tonight to administer a shot of Demerol (good stuff, that Demerol). My sister took over Sue’s part-time job taking reservations and returning phone calls for our Lakeview Cottages. Co-workers, church friends, old friends, new friends. So many people pitching in, weighing in, stopping in.

There was a popular country song last year to the effect that, when you’re down and out, “you find out who your friends are.” I’ll tell you this, my wife’s got a lot of friends. But for this cancer, how would I have ever known that?

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  1. Forgive me for posting comments to your blog from way back at its inception...but, I'm just now hearing and reading this for the first time. Being a "long lost cousin...don't you know!"
    I wouldn't doubt that Sue would have multiple friends. I have my own fond memories of our times together way back I would visit their home in Jamul. She, just like her Mom...was very loving & genuine. I distinctly remember that extra warm feeling staying with them on occasion while stationed at NAS North Island, SD. May you find company in those who bring sweet comfort to your souls. With love & healthy healing hugs, Barbara Ann Powell