Friday, April 9, 2010

She Is Risen

About 500 people joined us for Sue's memorial service on Good Friday. It was a good service, planned by Sue together with three of her close friends, Cindy, Maggie and Debbie. We have appreciated all the outpouring of support and love by cards, calls, letters, emails, comments posted on this blog, visits, food, flowers, memorium gifts to Camp Keola and Mennonite Central Committee, and your participation in or attendance at the memorial. And we have appreciated your prayers.

If you missed the memorial service, here's a copy of the slide show put together by computer genius, Doug Martin. (Turn your sound on to hear "For Good" from Wicked The Musical.)

One amusing story I neglected to pass along happened on Sunday, March 21. That was the last time Sue went to church. I got her dressed and trundled in the wheelchair and off we went. A lot of people who were aware of her condition were surprised to see her there at church. Unknown to me, two of my sisters, Cyndi and Maggie, went by our house about five minutes after Sue and I left for Church. Our friend and neighbor, Cindy, also went to our house at the same time for the same reason, and encountered my sisters there outside our front door. They were all going to offer to stay with Sue while I went to church.

They rang the doorbell and knocked to no avail, and then began to panic wondering if something was wrong inside. So Cindy, our neighbor, ran home to get her key to our house and when she got back they let themselves in only to find Sue was gone! She was not in her hospital bed or anywhere to be found. Then they wondered if she had died, so Cindy (the neighbor/friend) called her husband, Mark, who was running sound at the church and who had already seen Sue and me sitting in the sanctuary, and told him they couldn't find Sue and what did he think that meant? He replied to her that: "She is risen." Cindy was flustered at Mark's response, and so he told her that Sue was sitting in church with me and he repeated that "she is risen." Cindy then replied, "she is risen, indeed!"

One week later Sue really did die, and now she is risen in the Biblical "made new" sense of the word. The world is still turning, as we knew it would, and we are slowly adjusting to life without her.

I'll have a few more posts on this blog to wrap up my thoughts about Sue's passing, recount a few more stories, and to give general and specific advice, both practical and legal, about pre- and post-death planning.


  1. George,
    Thanks for posting - all of this
    I was only able to see part of the slide show - eyes too blurred at times to see it well. I'm sure I'll check it out again.

  2. As my tears flowed from the slide show, I prayed that I may face my death with as much courage and dignity as Sue. May God comfort you and your children and give you strength in the coming days. My heartfelt thanks for your blog. Be kind to yourself and to your daughters..

    Rebecca Weber

  3. A lovely tribute... thanks for taking the time to share with the Blog Family and the story was touching... blessings to you all.

  4. I have never met either of you, but have followed Sue's journey. What an amazing family you have. The slide show was so moving I didn't want it to end.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful story. -Phil

  6. George,

    I am sorry to have missed the memorial but thankful that Mike was able to be there for your brother so that he may attend. Thank for putting up the slide show for all to see. I only hope that when the Lord calls me I can go with as much grace as Sue did.


  7. Beautiful song and show, it really conveys the love of all that battled with her. What a loss, what a beautiful woman, but I am sure many learned so much here on earth from her, and will continue loving and remembers her forever. I am so happy God allowed a peaceful dignified passing for her. Peace be with you.

  8. Ah, George... I enjoyed seeing Sue in the slide show, in so many areas of her life. How much you must see her in so many areas now... not her actual presence, but her spirit. Everywhere you look around you, you must see something of her. You have so many good memories to look back on... so many ways she influenced your life. Your life is not empty now... it's still full of all that Sue has been to you. May you look on all that goodness rather than at what you've lost. May your joy gradually become stronger as your pain gradually lessens.

    With continued prayers for you....

  9. I listened to this video again and I LOVE this song. It is so true of Sue and I hope someday it will be true of me as well. Debbie B.

  10. I followed a link to the "Ashes to ashes" post, that was sent to the Funeral Consumers Alliance's deathcare list, and then read this. It's a beautiful tribute to your wife, quite moving even to a stranger to you both.

    My condolences for your loss, and thanks to you for taking the time to express it so.

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