Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Bomb

The appointment with the Oncologist is set for 1 p.m. Doc calls Sue and says we can come in early if we want, because she wants to be sure we have enough time for our meeting. This really sounds ominous.

When she tells us Sue has “multiple myeloma” it doesn’t mean too much. We’ve heard the term but really don’t know what that means. Doc says it’s cancer. She gives a brief explanation and gives us a bunch of literature to read. Says Sue will start chemotherapy on Monday.

Yeah we’re a little numb with shock. But not really. We expected this. Well, I know I did. I’d googled possible causes of severe anemia and cross googled possible causes of lower back pain. Several types of cancer were among the likely suspects. Ovarian cancer. Pancreatic cancer. Leukemia. Lymphoma. Didn’t come across multiple myeloma but hey, cancer’s cancer.

Doc’s evasive when I ask for a range of possible outcomes. Heavy on the positive outcomes. We decide to roll with her optimism. We devour the literature while we wait for the baseline blood draw and heart test. Cancer. The Big C. Son of a gun.

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