Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Pneu?

Sue's been sick and mostly bed-ridden for the past week.  She's been very tired, easily sleeping 16 hours a day, and she's had a nasty, deep, rattling cough.  Thursday the local doctor put a name on her pneu-est ailment: pneumonia.  Who pneu?

Sue's neuropathy is getting worse, not better.  She's very unstable when walking.  Connie Freeland has loaned Sue a souped-up rolling walker with hand brakes and a padded chair.  It's a "Winnie Walker."  I'm going to install hand rails in the bathroom and shower tomorrow.  Remember Melanie, the singer?  "Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far."  Well Sue don't go too fast or too far.  And Melanie rode her bike or roller-skated -- she didn't drive no car.  But Sue wants a new car.  I am presently leaning toward a power wheelchair.

The local cancer doctor wants to put Sue back on total disability from teaching.  She has a follow-up appointment with Dr. Wolf in San Francisco on March 5, and I expect he will concur.

The going back to teaching thing lasted three weeks before the pneumonia hit.  The staff at the middle school Sue got assigned to were terrific.  The kids were horrible.  They were like sharks who smelled blood in the water.  They were like predator cats, sensing a weak animal (Sue) and going for the kill.

Aside from all that, everything is hunky dory.


  1. Warm, gentle hugs to you all. Excuse me now while I go off to spank all those brats!!!

  2. Grandma G that was quite the laugh you gave me! You'd think thats what their parents should have been saying!

  3. I am so sorry Sue's health is so bad right now. Our prayers are with you both of you. Janice