Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gone Fishin'

When Sue was diagnosed with cancer last May she started blogging to inform her friends and family and cancer family about her treatments, her prognoses, and her needs. She suggested that I blog about my perspectives regarding her cancer experience. So I did. I blogged for six months under this blog title --The My Wife Has Cancer Blog.

While she still has some healing to do, Sue's better now, and there's not much to write about on this blog. She's very much alive, and this blog is dead. I got hooked on blogging, though, so I'm starting a new blog called The Fisher's Line. And if you care to read it, it can be found here:

I thank you all for following this blog, and especially for your prayers and concern for Sue and our family.  I've enjoyed getting to know some of you better through your comments and by following your blogs.

If you have been reading this blog because you have cancer, or because someone you know has cancer -- particularly multiple myeloma, and you want to know how all this ends -- or if you are concerned that Sue's cancer may kick up again -- in which case I'll probably start blogging about it here, you can either click the "Follow" button at the top of this page (if you are a member and if you are logged in), or the "Subscribe To" button at the bottom of this page, to be advised of any future posts.  Remember, though, no news is good news on a cancer blog.

If you wish to dialogue with me about your cancer, or about our experience with Sue's cancer or her treatments, or any other subject of interest to you, please feel free to email me at:

For now, like Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby in their famous song (click the link for the song), I'm Gone Fishin'.

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